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The best Headshot in West Palm Beach!

I am a Headshot Photographer, servicing the Palm Beach County area, based out of West Palm Beach.  My goal is to help you create an image that best represents who you are as a person.  Whether you are an actor, an executive or a professional you will need a professional headshot to succeed in today's market.  As online services continue to grow you will need to invest in yourself by putting your best face forward.  According to studies, "Nothing lasts like a first impression".  Research tells us when we see a picture or meet someone, we make a quick decision on their character.  This occurs almost immediately, and this is why it is important that your headshot delivers the message that you want.  You have to control the message that is your brand.  Your headshot is the logo of that brand.  Make it count.

The goal is to deliver a clean high-quality headshot that says to others "I want them on my team”.  Make your professional headshot start immediately working for you.


So, I ask you, what impression do you want to leave?

Why a Business Headshot vs a snapshot?

Your professional headshot, whether it be on social media or across business profiles, is your digital handshake with others.  By others seeing the confidence and approachability that radiates from your headshot, will help them develop trust in you. Trust, opens doors to a world of possibilities, which leads to your success.  Think of it this way, companies go out of their way to ensure that their offices have a particular look and feel that matches the company’s theme.  They invest money on developing the right logo, select the business colors and the identity of the business.  Now the question is why?  Well the answer is simple; they are controlling their brand.  So, I ask you what is your brand?  In today’s market you are your brand and your headshot is the logo of that brand. Your professional headshot is what people will see first and it needs to make them want to invest in you.

Headshot Session Rate $150

Unlimited Session Time
Unlimited Outfits
Discussion of hair, makeup & wardrobe
Coaching Videos availables
One on One Post Image Selection
Image Cost: $50 dollars per image

Headshot Session Rate

The headshot session rate is tailored around the client experience. During the session, my focus, time and goal is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible during the session.  If needed, we can go through some coaching videos and exercises to prepare you for your headshot.

We want you to appear confident and approachable.  Confidence comes from the eyes and approachability comes from the mouth.  With the added flavor of your personality will deliver a winning headshot that will help others develop trust in you.

The whole experience is designed for you to be able to relax, make you comfortable and allow us to work together to get you the best headshots you need.  Of course, we will take the time you need to get it right, but we won't keep you any longer then need be, I know you are a busy person.

Now that you booked your session, what's next?

Now that you booked your headshot session,what's the next steps in preparing for your headshot session? Here is a little video with some quick tips on what you need to do to prepare for your headshot session.  If you still need help preparing, please contact me via email photos@maicolphotography.com or mobile (646) 504-0629.

If you are not in the Palm Beach County area, you can find other similarly trained Headshot Photographers by Peter Hurley at The Headshot Crew.