Headshot West Palm Beach

You only get one first impression, so what does your picture say about you?

So why is a Headshot Important?


People will always say “I never judge a book by its cover”, but as humans we have a tendency to judge a person within the first 5 seconds of seeing them.  Whether it be meeting them in person or seeing a picture, we immediately begin judging them by their clothing, how they are standing and their behavior.  When we look at an image we make assumptions of who the person is by the image they are portraying.  In today’s fast paced society, social media allows your potential clients, employer, etc. the ability to scan your profile picture on Linkedin, Instagram and even Facebook, though having a first impression of you before even meeting you.  As a Headshot Photographer in the West Palm Beach area, It is important for me to help you create an image that best represents the look and feel of who you are as a person and by helping you put your best face forward the world knows that you are prepared to do business.

Headshot Session Rate $200

Unlimited Session Time
Unlimited Outfits
Discussion of hair, makeup & wardrobe
Coaching Videos availables
One on One Post Image Selection
Image Cost: $50 dollars per image

Headshot Session Rate

My headshot session rate is tailored around the client experience.  During our session, I am not going to focus on a timeframe or trying to get you out the door for the next client. My time and my goal is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and providing you the best experience during the process. During the session, if need be, we will discuss how best to wear your hair, the style of makeup and can review the outfits to select the ones that best compliment your style. Also, if needed we can go through some coaching exercises and watch some of the Peter Hurley coaching videos to prepare you for your headshot. The reason I do all this is to get you that Lookability factor that you want your clients, potential employer, etc to see when they see your image.  Now you are asking yourself what is lookability, well lookability is split in two parts and let me tell you how we get you there.  The first part is to show your level of confidence that radiates from your eyes, letting people know you are secure in your skill and in yourself.  The second part of Lookability is approachability and that comes from the mouth. We want to ensure that you are not holding tension, grinding your teeth or making weird gestures with your mouth.  Don't worry this is normal, people become nervous in front of a camera.  Though this is why I am here, I am your mirror, I'll let you know what to do with your eyes, your mouth, and angle you in directions that the light will flatter you.

The whole experience is designed for you to be able to relax, make you comfortable and allow us to work together to get you the best headshots you need. Of course will take the time you need to get it right, but we won't keep you any longer then need be, I know you are a busy person.

Now that you booked your session, what's next?

Now that you booked your headshot session and are wondering what are the next steps in preparing for your headshot session.  Here is a little video with some quick tips on what you need to do to prepare for your headshot session.