Lifestyle Photography West Palm Beach

Lifestyle photography lies somewhere between documentary and portrait photography.  A documentary photographer is always trying to not be notice, to capture those moments of the scene without interfering.  The photographer tries to create a story of events as those moments are happening without being noticed.  A portrait photographer will control all aspects of the photo shoot.  The photographer controls all aspects of the shoot, the lighting, background, clothing, makeup, poses, etc. to deliver the final image.  My style of lifestyle photography is a mixture of both these styles of photography.  I keep the authentic nature of the person I am photographing and tweak the movement and look to perfect the image.  Sometimes I have to create the inspiration of the image, put the idea of what is needed into their minds and allow them to execute the look.

For Lifestyle photography I try to stay true to the subject, keeping the look and feel as organic as possible.  I'll suggest a starting point, follow the motion, review the results, tweak the pose or movement to capture the image.  The process begins by looking over clothing options, hair and makeup to get the right look and feel.  Helping selection combinations of clothing items that go well together from their wardrobe.  As well as selecting the right location, adding and removing items if the shoot is indoors, or in someone's home.

Lifestyle Photography in West Palm Beach is such a beautiful endeavor.  West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County have such beautiful locations that help produce amazing images.  You can go from Urban to fields of greens and everything in between.  The best images can be taken because of the spectrum of lifestyle photography and the flexibilities of Palm Beach County.  You can go from Street Photography, to Urban Lifestyle, to Urban Tech, to Fashion street, the options are limitless.  So together we will create a story that will be tailored to you in some of the most amazing areas.