Studio Photography West Palm Beach

Let's Enhance the Inner Star that is YOU

As a studio photographer in West Palm Beach I am about capturing the essence of your attitude, presence and identity.  Infusing it with your personal style and fashion to deliver the best vision of you. Together we will envision your story from beginning to end.  Including, but not limited to, your hair, makeup and look from top to bottom. To make you the star of your show.

There are many styles of photography that full under the category of studio photography.  Studio environments are used to photograph such styles like glamour, fashion, catalog, product and commercial based photography.  Recently composite photography has become the strong suit of studio photography.  We see Avant Garde, Cosplay and even Studio Sports photography taken a hold in studio photography.  We can setup the shoot with the lights and props you like and in post add the environment to make the images pop.  Joel Grimes, not sure if he developed it, is a leader in this style of photography. ​

As a Studio Photography West Palm Beach, I have photographed many styles in studio, Avant Garde, commercial, product, fashion and glamour, below are some samples of my work.  I have also done some composite work, as well, but not to the levels of Joel Grimes.  While I done some physique and fitness work in studio, though I would refer clients that prefer that genre to C.D.R. Visuals who specializes in that field of photography.

So why not come into the studio and let's create your vision that you have always had in mind.  Will setup a session discuss your ideas and see how we can bring them to life.  We can setup different looks and scenes to ensure that we can provide you with the best looks for your style.