Whether you are an actor, an executive or a professional you will need a headshot as your profile picture.  A headshot is a type of digital handshake between you and those viewing your image.  As online services continue to grow you will need to invest in yourself by putting your best face forward.  According to studies, "Nothing lasts like a first impression".  Research tells us when we see a picture or meet someone, we make a quick decision on their character.  This occurs almost immediately, and this is why it is important that your headshot delivers the message that you want.  You have to control the message that is your brand.  Your headshot is the logo of that brand.  Make it count.

The goal is to deliver a clean high-quality headshot that says to others "I want them on my team”.  I want you, to own your lookability factor.  Now you are asking yourself what is lookability?  Lookability is the confidence in your eyes, approachability is conveyed through the mouth and your personality radiates from you.  Combined to delivers a headshot that not only makes people stop and look but goes immediately to work for you.

Reason # 1 - The Lookability Factor

So, you have seen this word before, but what does it mean. Well Lookability is the combination of two words, look and ability, which Peter Hurley combined for the purpose of expressing that we are looking to make you look your best.  Peter pushes us to get you at your best, many people think oh just take my iPhone and take an image and there is my headshot.   As a protege member of Peter Hurley The Headshot Crew we are trained to examine your face and provide tips and techniques to enhance your lookability.


Confidence and fear comes from the eyes.  If you see a picture of a person with their eyes wide open, do you get the sense that they are very confident in their skill or in themselves as a person?  No you see fear, you wonder what they are afraid of in the image.  Or look at a profile picture of someone in darkness or wearing a baseball cap, making their eyes difficult to see.  What impression do you get?  You immediately start formulating scenarios in your mind that they are hiding something or something is not right about the person.  Now look my images above and imagine that you are scrolling through LinkedIn or facebook and you come across a profile with a professional headshot, similar to the examples above.  It stops you!  You see a well lit face and those eyes, their eyes, they radiate a level of confidence you rarely see in a profile image and they draw you in.  What scenario does your subconscious mind start to formulate?  This is a person you want to meet, someone who you want on your team. That is the power of a properly done professional headshot.


Approachability comes from the mouth.  Look at an image where the person is holding tension in their mouth.  They do not want to smile for the camera because they don’t like how they look when they smile.  So they create a fake smile, look at the picture of a person fake smiling, they look upset or tensed, they do not look like the person you see everyday.  Authenticity is key, and you want to be seen as approachable.  You do not want your tinder or bumble profile (yes you can use your headshot on dating sites too) to say I hold tension or I don’t know how to smile. That’s why Peter trained us to get human reactions from people to make them approachable.  Now saying that does not mean we going to take an image of you with the joker level smile.  Lol, it means we are going to work to make you look approachable, confident and your best.

Reason # 2 - It introduces you to the World

As we said before, your headshot is your digital handshake.  It let's people know that you are serious and ready to do business.

Stand Apart from the Rest

By using a Professional Headshot you convey an authentic version of you which shows your personality so that people can put a face to a name.  People will study your image and determine if they would like to do business with you.  This gives you an advantage over others because you have already provided information to your potential future clients, collaborators interviewers, etc. by letting them see who you are, which creates a trust relationship.

Reason # 3 - Represents your brand

Your professional headshot is also a representation who you are as a person.  Think of your headshot as your brands logo, which gives the world a glimpse of who you are as a person.  You want that brand to always be shown in a positive light and that people trust that brand.  Remember you are your brand.

Control Your Online Presence

Have an image that is recognizable across all your social media platforms. Whether you are an actor, model, entrepreneur, executive, small business owner, real estate agent or student remember You Only Get One First Impression with your Headshot.  So, I ask you, what impression do you want to leave?

Presents Yourself in a Professional Manner

Your headshot is the introduction to who you are and you always want to convey a level of professionalism across all social media spaces, for your current and potentially future clients, collaborators, interviewers, etc.  With a Professional Headshot you will always come across as professional, approachable and confident.

So now knowing why you need a professional headshot, don't let your image ruin your chances.  Let's put your best face forward and let people see the confidence in your eyes and that you are approachable.  Let's set your lookability factor that draws attention to you.  So what are you waiting for, get out there book a session with a professional headshot photographer in your area and shine baby shine.

Oh and to find a professional headshot photographer in your area head over to the only site The Headshot Crew that has the largest index of people trained by Peter Hurley himself.

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